CFS West Africa Limited is a leading Customer Experience Service Provider in Nigeria. The company started out as the West African franchise of CFS International, a global enterprise with vast operations in North America (Dallas and Toronto), South-East Asia (Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Jakarta), Australia (Sydney), Middle East (Dubai), South Africa (Johannesburg) and Europe (London). From this franchise, the company has developed into an independent firm of consultants offering superior advice and technologies to organizations.

CFS West Africa Limited was set up in 2005 as the first full-focused Customer Service Management Company in Nigeria. The company has since assisted countless institutions in measuring and improving the quality of their service delivery.

Over the years, CFS has evolved to become the leading Customer Experience Management consulting firm in Nigeria, combining advisory with innovative technology to deliver end-toend solutions to improve the overall profitability and customer satisfaction index of service-focused organizations.

Our core objective is to assist our clients achieve competitive advantage and high customer retention through our services and solutions. Our business objective is supporting customer retention and growth in profitability through discovery, design and delivery:


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